1. <3

  2. Love this girl <3

  3. <3

  4. Dombey got her hooked on Naruto

  5. This summer I was extra bootilcious from all that MN/MI love. Here’s proof cause my favorite shorts are now big =*( lost almost 2 inches to the waist from cutting down binge eating haha. Now to tone up and regain muscle. And no I don’t mind being chunky…I’m just too poor to buy new clothes haha.

  6. ALS Fail with Skyla. lol.

    Even though we did the challenge, we will also support for the research in amyotrophic lateral schlerosis. There are many other great causes out there too, so don’t just settle on ALS.


  7. Does this happen to your kid? Skyla takes it seriously when we steal her nose, ears, eyes, mouth hahahaha.

  8. Good morning from skyla.

  9. holy smokes! This one too of me being doctor to my husband and stitches

  10. Holy Smokes! Was depressed at Skyla growing up so went to go look at all of her videos, and this one got a whole bunch of views.

    Apparantly, people enjoy little kids having accidents haha.
    But her cute little “Hi” though. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh my baby :*(


  11. Face palm moment

    We were at walmart and walked passed the bras, and sky goes, “I like boobies. I like them a lot. Mommy can I have your boobies please? So yummy!”

    Got some stares so had to say out loud, “no sky, you’re a big girl now remember? no more!”

    Had to clarify that it was a nursing comment lol.

    Btw…my poor sky has been asking for the boob all of the sudden these last few days. Poor baby, but she’s doing so well =)

  12. My name is skyla vaj

  13. Here are some photos from last weekend! My loves, sisters, mom in blue, and my gma.


  14. Sky got kicked today in the chest

    at daycare, and when my husband told me, I wanted to cry and beat the shit out of that little shit. Okay, I know I can never, but the thought seriously crossed my mind. 

    Sky’s more vocal now, so when my husband picked her up, she whimpered to him and brought him to a random girl a few years older than Sky, and said she kicked sky in the chest. My husband told her in front of the girl to not cry and when she does it again, tell the teacher. The caregiver heard in the background and as my husband left, she asked the little girl if she hit Sky, but my husband didn’t stick around. I swear, men just don’t know how to handle things. I would have looked at the girl, tell her straight up that hitting was bad and that i was telling her teacher and mom/dad. Then I would tell Sky what my husband said. Then I would go straight up to the teacher and make sure they were aware of the situation. Towards the end of the day, they bring all of the children to one big room to watch a movie until their parents picked them up.

    For me, I just want to cry for her. Everyone is telling us to teach her how to fight back, but that is not the answer. If we teach her that, it’ll become a habit, and she’ll resort to violence every time, and there might be that one situation when the other person has a gun or knife, or what if my own kid uses one? I don’t want her to think that it is ok to hit. She will learn self-defense, but I want it to be when she can understand when and when she cannot hit someone. 

    But ughhhh I just want to punch that little shit haha. Tomorrow when I drop Sky off, I’ll make sure to know that the head of director is aware of the situation. I’m so glad Skyla is more vocal now. This pisses me off, and why we don’t want Skyla to be in an environment that can’t be controlled to our liking. This is the real world I guess, and we can’t keep her sheltered. We just have to raise her and prepare her for every situation. But damn…that little shit…I’m going to make sure Skyla show me who it is tomorrow.

  15. Searcy water…washed my pots, air dried, and there looks to be freaken mold growing on the dry water spots. What can I do about this? This seems dangerous to our health since we shower and launder with the water. Dang it’s great to be back in Searcy!